E-Mail / Fax

The Notary will have provided you with details of their requirements in advance of your attendance at their offices.

This is especially important in the event of any public health measures and regulations in place at any given time. Each Notary will have their own particular policies and procedures in place and it is your responsibility to comply with same.

Where they have requested you to e-mail or fax documents to the Notary in advance of your appointment please ensure that you do so in good time. If the Notary wants to clarify a specific point which it is anticipated may cause subsequent difficulty, they will ask you for further information.

It may be the case that you have foreign advisors who have prepared the documentation that you will be producing to the Notary and it is often helpful to copy them in your communications with the Notary so that any draft documents / certificates that are prepared by the Notary can be approved by your foreign advisors as being acceptable in their ultimate destination.

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