Planning Your Visit

Make an Appointment

Do not arrive at the Notary’s office without an appointment. The Notary may not be there or may not be able to attend to your business immediately. Telephone the Notary’s Secretary in advance to check the Notary’s availability and ask for an appointment. By making an appointment you will avoid being disappointed.

The Notary or their support staff will provide you with an indication of what documents need to be provided in advance of your appointment. This may be the document that you wish to deal with or indeed copies of your own ID and AML compliance documentation. Please ensure that you have complied with the Notary’s instructions prior to attending as failure to do so can result in additional costs, delays and or disappointment.

Leave your telephone number with the Notary’s Secretary so you can be contacted if the Notary becomes available at an earlier time or if a difficulty should arise.

Turn up for your appointment on time and bring all necessary papers with you.

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